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 The ChargebackProtection project was created by a group of American e-commerce companies. After several days of discussions, they decided to set up a system to address the problem of chargeback abuse and minimize the related economic losses.


  The ChargebackProtection service allows merchants to search a database of shoppers who have requested chargebacks in the past. Merchants can also submit data on people who have requested chargebacks on purchases at their own stores.

  Now you can also report Chargeback Threats (Added Dec-14-2006)

  Read Chargeback Abuse filling examples



What is a chargeback?

A payment dispute initiated by the cardholder with their credit card issuing bank.


The amount of the disputed transaction is immediately withdrawn from the merchant's bank account. Chargeback is usually generated when a cardholder disputes a transaction because of one of the following criteria:

  • Non fulfillment of product or Service
  • Un-authorized purchase
  • Product/service expectations not met.

Chargeback is not like fraud since customers are authentic and they bypass all fraud verifications. You need a special tool designed to detect chargeback abusers. Simply by using the service you will be deterring chargeback abusers. And by querying the database you can make informed decisions and minimize risk and economic loss.


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